Friday, December 14, 2012

What we have been up to lately...

   In October it finally snowed for Will.  He was quick to get outside and build his snowman and ski.

For Halloween they were the boys from Duck Dynasty.  JJ made them a "blind" so they could get around the neighborhood and hunt for some candy.  Andrew now loves everything about pumpkins.  Anytime he sees one he will say "trick or treat".

The boys had their first visit to Chucky Cheese.  They had a ball with their cousins!

 Andrew is becoming quite the little character in our home.  He is constantly cracking us up.  We only wish he wasn't so stinking stubborn.  I blame JJ for naming him Glenn after his Grandpa who was very stubborn.
 Night flying with Dad. 
This is what we do all day...wrestle.
 Will has been asking for the Christmas Train around the tree for about 11 months now.  He was thrilled it was finally out!  

 We had a very successful visit with Santa this year.  Will was all business.  He really, really wants some rockets for Christmas and he asked Santa and even gave him a hug.  Andrew just wanted the candy.

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